Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Are You Planning for Spring Already?

Hi guys! I've seen other bloggers talking about their spring wardrobe plans, and of course some stores are already selling warm-weather clothes. I haven't really started thinking about it yet, officially. But I guess I have a head start since I bought a couple dresses for our upcoming vacation at the beach, and I plan to use those in my spring and/or summer capsule wardrobes. Other than that, I can't picture it yet. Do you have anything in mind for your next wardrobe?

Here are a couple recent outfits:

Green sweater, pinstriped pants, and zipper booties.

It's warm enough to wear short sleeves, at least during the day. What kind of February is this? Everlane t-shirt, corduroy skirt, leggings, and grey Fryes.

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