Monday, February 29, 2016

Back from Vacation!

Hi guys! Sorry I didn't post last week. I thought I'd write a few quick notes from vacation, but I rarely had an internet connection and when I did, it was slow, so I just took the week off. 

We spent four nights in Cancun, Mexico, and it was a great vacation. It could have been a little warmer (it was mostly in the high 70s), and it could have been less windy. We got lucky that a thunderstorm predicted to last all day only lasted for a few hours. It felt amazing to be out in the sun and fresh air for hours every day!

I tried to pack lightly, but I didn't. I'm not very good at that yet! I have some Boy Scout need to always be prepared. It's worse with kids, because they are picky eaters and their clothes can get really dirty. So I bring snacks and extra clothes. This time, we had some snacks left over, so I will bring fewer next time. We also ended up with lots of unworn kids' clothes. If we go on a swimming-centered vacation again, I won't bring many daytime clothes for the kids. They hardly wore any, since they just had their swimsuits on all day. At night, we changed into nicer clothes to eat in the restaurants. I would bring a few more of those nicer clothes next time, since we were a little short on them. I didn't realize there were dress codes for all the restaurants at night.

I wondered about bringing fewer clothes and washing them in the sink, but I'm glad I didn't try it. It was so humid there, and there weren't many places to hang things up, so our clothes wouldn't have dried over night. Our swimsuits were often still wet the next morning, after being wrung out and hung up. I can't imagine a whole dress trying to air dry!

Sometimes washing clothes on the road is a great solution! Many hotels in the U.S. (and surely many other countries) offer laundry service or have a coin-op washer and dryer available. Years ago, my mom and I went to Germany and we just brought enough clothes for half the trip. We found a laundromat, where we put the clothes in the washers and then the employees put them in the dryers and folded them for us while we ate lunch and went shopping. That worked really well! So depending on where you're going, consider that strategy for lighter packing.

On this trip, we were at a resort and we never left it, so we didn't have access to a grocery store or market. The gift shops only had candy. We did our best to get food our kids would eat from the various restaurants and snack stands, but the kids are at a picky stage now, so they didn't eat as well as we hoped. We did bring Larabars, which I feel fine about giving them, but they passed on those and ate way too many fruit snacks! But we made it through and I've been stuffing them with fresh produce since we got home. If you have access to shops maybe you can pick up some healthier stuff if needed. Hopefully next year my little ones will be more adventurous eaters and I won't feel like I need to bring much. 

I think we will be traveling more, now that my kids are a little older. Of course everyone has their own comfort level for traveling with kids, and for me it's so much easier now that they're not nursing, don't need constant diaper changes, don't need to sleep in cribs or take multiple naps each day. They did fantastic on the shuttles, airport train, planes, vans, and bus. It makes it much easier to imagine the next trip.

My travel wardrobe worked really well. I wore all the dresses from Athleta for going to dinner. During the day, I had my swim suits and then if we were walking around, I'd add shorts and either a tank top or the cover up. I loved the cover up, especially after the first day, when my shoulders were a little burned. It was so light and breezy, but kept the sun from stinging my sunburn. I wished that I had another one (or two!) to alternate, and will probably keep an eye out for a second one. We'll likely be at our neighborhood pool most days this summer, and I will get a lot of use out of them. My first one is from Target and here are some more that I found online:

So yeah, I finally understand the point of Resort Wear, now that I've actually been to a resort. It's really nice to have a loose, lightweight top to wear over a wet swimsuit instead of just a t-shirt.

As far as spring clothes go, I don't have a capsule chosen yet. I'll keep wearing my winter clothes and adding in spring items as it warms up. I'll try to figure out at least part of it this week. 

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