Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Hi guys, today I quickly sorted through most of my stored clothes and got rid of a big box full. There were two main categories of outgoing clothes: shorts and shirts that are all too short for my current taste. 

I was also disappointed by the color selection. Apparently my tastes have changed!  Still, when I was deciding whether or not to keep them, part of me wanted to keep them in case I want them again someday. Then I thought, "Clothes will be for sale in the future. If I want more shorts and shirts later, I can get exactly the style and color I want then." It's so simple, but it worked well to convince myself to get rid of them! 

I'll confess that I still have too many jeans that don't fit. I think I should get rid of them, but I just can't do it yet. I have that common mom idea that I'm going to get my pre-baby shape back and I'll want those jeans! I don't know how many years this is going to go on; maybe I'll have to store them until they're dated and too embarrassing to wear. I promise I'll try again when I have my next urge to purge.

Anyway, we know I'm not liking short shirts right now (more power to you if you are wearing crop tops!). I'm loving longer shirts right now, including these tunics.

Black and white tunic, black jeans, and zipper booties. It's not very cold right now, so I don't mind having bare ankles. I still like to wear little socks like these

Scatter-dyed tunic, black jeans, and grey Fryes. Ah, I love wearing a sweatshirt that's a little fancy so I don't feel like a slob.

Is there a category of clothes or other stuff that you just can't get rid of? Have you overcome an unreasonable attachment to jeans? What was your secret?

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