Tuesday, March 29, 2016

A Cozy Spring Outfit with White Jeans

Hi guys, I've been thinking of outfits to make with my new clothes, and here's one I'm daydreaming about. I don't really have that necklace or purse, but I'll be able to put the rest together as soon as that top arrives. 

Cozy spring outfit

I'm loving those white jeans so far, though they are not totally opaque. Nude undies are a good idea with them. I'm hoping that top will live up to its reviews and be soft and comfy. I know my oxfords are made of extremely soft leather and I could wear them all day. I'm going for a very comfortable outfit that looks and feels like early spring and isn't ultra casual like blue jeans and an old t-shirt. 

I love the lipstick shade. It can be a sheer fuschia or build to a stronger color. If you like rose scents, check out cannabis rose! It does not smell like pot, but the cannabis adds a little edge to the soft floral.

I like that horseshoe necklace, though it looks a lot bigger in the collage than it really is. Hey, this is a daydream outfit! And I love the look and color of that purse, but it's pretty pricey for me. I've thought about trying to sew a copycat version, and I may still do it someday.

Oh, and I just want to listen to the Buzzcocks. I love so much about this old band. Check out this song and then try not to imitate the singer's voice:

The band formed in 1976 (the year I was born) and they are still touring! 

Sunday, March 27, 2016

New Things for Spring

Hi guys! So, earlier this month, I felt like I wasn't going to buy much. I loved the idea of using what I already had, and I have a lot of stuff that I really like! But then after I lost my dad, I seemed to use shopping to help me feel better, and I ended up buying more than I expected to. I don't feel badly about seeking out these mostly soft, comforting clothes; I'm just going with it and moving forward.

I haven't received most of these yet, but this is what I've purchased and ordered for spring:

Spring 2016

Top row, left to right:

Middle row:
6. Athleta Lively dress. I got this for our trip to Cancun, and it was great. It's super comfortable and easy to wear, and not too clingy. It's not wrinkle-proof, but it doesn't wrinkle badly. 
8. J. Crew Factory green linen-cotton skirt. I have only tried this on so far, but I think it's going to go with everything and get a lot of use.
10. Athleta Astra dress. I haven't worn this one yet.
11. Athleta Lively dress. Same dress as #6, in a different color.

Bottom row:
14. Athleta foldover skirt. I got this jersey skirt for our vacation trip, and I love that it has slits on both sides. The slits make it so much easier to walk in or run up and down stairs.  
16. J. Crew Factory skinny white ankle jeans. I can picture wearing these with so many kinds of tops and shoes. I think they're going to make a lot of different outfits.

I'll update you as these arrive and I see if I'll keep everything. Of course I want to only keep things that fit really well and that I want to wear a lot. I don't have room in my closet or my budget for clothes that just sit in my closet forever. 

As far as style goes, you can see that I'm drawn to mostly comfortable, soft clothes. I'm curious about how those cropped wide-legged jeans and pants are going to look. I hope they work out, so I can play with that silhouette. 

I'll be adding in more from my stored clothes and I'll try to get a capsule picked out pretty soon.

Are you wearing spring clothes yet, or is it still cold where you live?

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Spring Blizzard Outfit

Hi guys! Today we had big snowstorm in Colorado. We got at least a foot of snow at our house. It's hard to tell exactly, since it was really windy and the snow got blown around into lower points and huge drifts. 

In the afternoon, Jason went out to shovel (and got to borrow the neighbors' snow blower for a while!) and Violet went out to play. While Bodhi napped, I did a nice decluttering and organizing session in the kids' rooms. It had been a while, and it feels great to have their spaces truly cleaned up! We've been vacuuming and dusting around too many toys, but now they're thinned out and what's left is really all put away. I also weeded out a bunch of clothes that are too small for the kids. Now I still want to go through the living room toys again...

Tomorrow morning the donation truck is coming to pick up the stuff we're done with, so now I just have to remember to get out there early in the cold morning to put the boxes in the driveway. It feels so good to see empty spaces around the house, and to not see stuff I don't like/don't want/don't need. Are you doing any spring cleaning yet?

We were lucky that our power only went out for a few minutes, though it was flickering all morning. I know a lot of people near us had no electricity all day long. We tried to use our gas fireplace, but it wouldn't light. I did finally figure out how to clean the inside of it, so it looks great now! But we'll need a repair-person to get it working again. 

Here's my warm outfit for a cold, blizzardy day:

Cozy ivory sweater, black jeans, camel Fryes, and a hat I knit. The hat pattern is free, from Fancy Tiger. I recommend it! I questioned putting on the hot pink pom pom, but I decided to go for it. It's easy to cut it off and put on a neutral color someday if I want to change it. 

Are you still wearing your winter clothes, or is it warm where you live?

Monday, March 21, 2016

Springtime 2016

Hi guys, that last sad post was up for a long time! Now my dad's been cremated and remembered and I feel that he's at peace. He was 72 years old and, at least as an adult, he pretty much did what he wanted to do with his life. He had a good run, he was a good father, and I'll miss him forever. 

And the world keeps turning, and now it's officially spring in the Northern Hemisphere. Hoorah! Last week I was in southern New Mexico, where it was warm, like 75 degrees. At my house, it's warm today but there's recent snow on the ground and upcoming cold temperatures are threatening our trees and bushes, which budded out too early this year. 

March is always a transitional month here, so what I've been doing since last year is making a soft change from one season to the next. I'll keep my winter clothes in my closet as I start to add in my spring clothes. Once it's warm for real, I'll pack away all the winter things that I want to keep. 

Today it's about 70 degrees here, but in a couple days, the high is only predicted to be in the 30s. You can see why I want winter and spring clothes during the same week. 

Since I still haven't settled on a spring capsule, I've just been wearing whatever I want and what I have out. I'm using my same winter clothes and adding some things from last year's spring, summer, and fall capsules. It's nice to wear whatever I want, but I also really like having fewer options. It makes it so much easier to get dressed when there are fewer choices to make. I'll be happy to decide on a spring capsule!

Here's a recent outfit:

Spring outfit

Red-orange top from Boden, distressed boyfriend jeans from Old Navy, and light tan oxfords by Pikolinos. It's simple, comfy, but a little bit elevated from a sloppy t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. 

I've also been binge-watching a show I just found out about: Naked and Afraid. It's on the Discovery channel, and here's what happens. Each episode, two strangers are dropped off in some inhospitable wild place to try to stay alive for 3 weeks. These are outdoorsy types, survivalists, hippies, ex-military, hunters, and plant experts. It's always one woman and one man, and they are supposed to work together to survive, make fire, purify water, find food, make shelter, and sometimes they make clothes. They often last the whole 21 days, but sometimes they go home if they drank unfiltered water or can't find any food.

I think it would be fascinating to me anyway, but my it's also linked in my mind to my dad now. He was outdoorsy and loved birdwatching, hiking, and animal tracking. My mom, sister and I watched several episodes of Naked and Afraid while he was in the hospital and in hospice care.

We also watched a couple of hiking movies (A Walk in the Woods and Wild). I had read the book, A Walk in the Woods and passed it along to my dad. It's just his kind of humor. (I also read Wild and recommend that, too.)

**  ** ** **

Now these movies and this show are forever linked with my dad, because of the subject matter and the timing of my watching them. I'm sure I'll watch those movies again and again, and keep catching up on all the past seasons of the show. For now, I feel comforted somehow by watching these shows. Sure, the people are suffering, but they are all there by choice and can decide to give up and go home. N&A is great for the audience to yell out what the contestants should do! Always make fire ASAP! Don't bring fishing line; bring a fire starter!!

By the way, I would never sign up for N&A - the people are almost always starving and I get a migraine if my blood sugar drops too low. I love having plenty of water, food, and clothes(!) and I love to be a comfortable temperature. Camping for a weekend with a tent, sleeping bag, water, and food is rough enough for me. How about you? What if you could be Reasonably Clothed and Afraid? 

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Death and Minimalism

Oh, you guys. I'm so heartbroken. My dad died this morning in hospice care. I thought about taking some time off from writing here, but I have a few things to talk about, so I guess I will. I'll be out of town again later this week, but I'll write whenever I have the energy to do it. 

These are some things I've been thinking about that relate to minimalism, decluttering, and capsule wardrobes:

1. My dad turned into a minimalist at the end of his life. His health had not been good for a while. He didn't want to leave a ton of stuff for us to deal with, so he kept decluttering, giving things away to me and my sister, and throwing away the stuff he didn't need anymore. He was a huge collector of stuff, so it is amazing that he let go of so much of it instead of saving it all. 

2. Having a simpler closet is a huge help to me during tough times. I know that the clothes in my capsule wardrobe fit me comfortably. When I was packing to go to my parents' town, I just threw in whatever would go together (and most of it goes together with everything else). I didn't have to try on anything or wonder if it would look right. Simple. Comforting. Wearing my favorite clothes feels safe, familiar, and like I'm still holding on to myself and my identity in the face of the unknown.

3. When I was staying at my parents' house, I mostly ate a really simple diet and it was awesome. I did not have any energy for or interest in cooking. At home, I tend to buy a lot of different fruits and vegetables and try to have variety in my diet, but I don't always eat them all, even when I have more energy for cooking. I don't always feel like prepping produce. I think I'm going to try to simplify my eating to a new level. For a few days in a row, I can eat exactly the same things without minding. So can my kids. My husband doesn't love leftovers and will probably think it's weird to eat the same dinner for more than one or two nights. But that's not really my problem! He can eat what I make or he can make something for himself, right? We can try it out and see how it goes.

All right. I'll do my best to come back and talk about spring clothes before too long. It's hard to imagine it now, but someday I won't feel 100% crushed anymore, and I'll want to make new outfits.

Monday, March 7, 2016

A Few Spring Outfit Ideas

Hi guys, I'm visiting my parents right now. My dad is in the hospital (let's all be reminded to take good care of our health - the alternative is awful). I probably won't have any outfit photos for a week or so, but I have a collage today. Here are a few springy outfits that I like:

Spring Outfits

Hmm, maybe the colors aren't as springy as I thought. It might be my somber mood that drew me to two dark shirts. But there's a pink one! And those light colored chelsea boots from Everlane have definitely caught my eye! Wouldn't they go perfectly with the (usually) lighter colored outfits of the season?

All right, everybody take care of yourselves and each other and I'll be back soon.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Planning For Spring By Looking Back At Fall

Hi guys, I have some recent outfits to share:

Wine tee, jeans, and green Roos. My most common uniform, super casual for taking care of small kids and running errands.

Ivory sweater, black A-line skirt, burgundy tights, and zipper ankle boots. I like using accessories to add some color to an all-neutral outfit. I like darker-colored tights better than lighter ones. Otherwise I feel like Jamie Lee in Curtis in Halloween

Grey tank, yellow cardigan, boyfriend jeans, striped socks, and tan oxfords. I still love this combination of grey and mustardy yellow. I also love the patterned socks showing under cuffed jeans, with oxfords. 

I haven't spent much time yet thinking about spring clothes. We went on vacation and now we're planning our 3-year old's birthday party, and it's super easy to just keep wearing what's already in my closet. I did look back at some of my fall planning, and I still really liked the outfits I chose then to represent my style. So maybe I already have everything I need! 

I didn't buy all these pieces for fall, but I did get some of them, and some similar items. I have the off-white boatneck shirt and the orange tee. I have jeans similar to all three pairs. I've got a button-down shirt. I have those black sneakers and a pair of (light) blue oxfords. 

Fall Outfits
I don't have a boxy patterned shirt (but I do have a plain grey one). I don't have chukka boots (and I'm not sure I'm still in love with the idea, but I do like the thought of suede shoes of some sort). And I still like that paperbag-waisted skirt, so I might look into making or buying one from J. Crew Factory. 

I think this collage is great inspiration for my spring wardrobe, and I'll be referring to it as I look through my current wardrobe and stored clothes to create my capsule. Woo hoo! Most of the work is already done. Thanks, capsule wardrobe. I thought I was going to put off my planning, but it's so dang easy, I just did a ton of it right now!