Tuesday, March 29, 2016

A Cozy Spring Outfit with White Jeans

Hi guys, I've been thinking of outfits to make with my new clothes, and here's one I'm daydreaming about. I don't really have that necklace or purse, but I'll be able to put the rest together as soon as that top arrives. 

Cozy spring outfit

I'm loving those white jeans so far, though they are not totally opaque. Nude undies are a good idea with them. I'm hoping that top will live up to its reviews and be soft and comfy. I know my oxfords are made of extremely soft leather and I could wear them all day. I'm going for a very comfortable outfit that looks and feels like early spring and isn't ultra casual like blue jeans and an old t-shirt. 

I love the lipstick shade. It can be a sheer fuschia or build to a stronger color. If you like rose scents, check out cannabis rose! It does not smell like pot, but the cannabis adds a little edge to the soft floral.

I like that horseshoe necklace, though it looks a lot bigger in the collage than it really is. Hey, this is a daydream outfit! And I love the look and color of that purse, but it's pretty pricey for me. I've thought about trying to sew a copycat version, and I may still do it someday.

Oh, and I just want to listen to the Buzzcocks. I love so much about this old band. Check out this song and then try not to imitate the singer's voice:

The band formed in 1976 (the year I was born) and they are still touring!