Thursday, March 3, 2016

Planning For Spring By Looking Back At Fall

Hi guys, I have some recent outfits to share:

Wine tee, jeans, and green Roos. My most common uniform, super casual for taking care of small kids and running errands.

Ivory sweater, black A-line skirt, burgundy tights, and zipper ankle boots. I like using accessories to add some color to an all-neutral outfit. I like darker-colored tights better than lighter ones. Otherwise I feel like Jamie Lee in Curtis in Halloween

Grey tank, yellow cardigan, boyfriend jeans, striped socks, and tan oxfords. I still love this combination of grey and mustardy yellow. I also love the patterned socks showing under cuffed jeans, with oxfords. 

I haven't spent much time yet thinking about spring clothes. We went on vacation and now we're planning our 3-year old's birthday party, and it's super easy to just keep wearing what's already in my closet. I did look back at some of my fall planning, and I still really liked the outfits I chose then to represent my style. So maybe I already have everything I need! 

I didn't buy all these pieces for fall, but I did get some of them, and some similar items. I have the off-white boatneck shirt and the orange tee. I have jeans similar to all three pairs. I've got a button-down shirt. I have those black sneakers and a pair of (light) blue oxfords. 

Fall Outfits
I don't have a boxy patterned shirt (but I do have a plain grey one). I don't have chukka boots (and I'm not sure I'm still in love with the idea, but I do like the thought of suede shoes of some sort). And I still like that paperbag-waisted skirt, so I might look into making or buying one from J. Crew Factory. 

I think this collage is great inspiration for my spring wardrobe, and I'll be referring to it as I look through my current wardrobe and stored clothes to create my capsule. Woo hoo! Most of the work is already done. Thanks, capsule wardrobe. I thought I was going to put off my planning, but it's so dang easy, I just did a ton of it right now!