Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Spring Blizzard Outfit

Hi guys! Today we had big snowstorm in Colorado. We got at least a foot of snow at our house. It's hard to tell exactly, since it was really windy and the snow got blown around into lower points and huge drifts. 

In the afternoon, Jason went out to shovel (and got to borrow the neighbors' snow blower for a while!) and Violet went out to play. While Bodhi napped, I did a nice decluttering and organizing session in the kids' rooms. It had been a while, and it feels great to have their spaces truly cleaned up! We've been vacuuming and dusting around too many toys, but now they're thinned out and what's left is really all put away. I also weeded out a bunch of clothes that are too small for the kids. Now I still want to go through the living room toys again...

Tomorrow morning the donation truck is coming to pick up the stuff we're done with, so now I just have to remember to get out there early in the cold morning to put the boxes in the driveway. It feels so good to see empty spaces around the house, and to not see stuff I don't like/don't want/don't need. Are you doing any spring cleaning yet?

We were lucky that our power only went out for a few minutes, though it was flickering all morning. I know a lot of people near us had no electricity all day long. We tried to use our gas fireplace, but it wouldn't light. I did finally figure out how to clean the inside of it, so it looks great now! But we'll need a repair-person to get it working again. 

Here's my warm outfit for a cold, blizzardy day:

Cozy ivory sweater, black jeans, camel Fryes, and a hat I knit. The hat pattern is free, from Fancy Tiger. I recommend it! I questioned putting on the hot pink pom pom, but I decided to go for it. It's easy to cut it off and put on a neutral color someday if I want to change it. 

Are you still wearing your winter clothes, or is it warm where you live?

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