Monday, March 21, 2016

Springtime 2016

Hi guys, that last sad post was up for a long time! Now my dad's been cremated and remembered and I feel that he's at peace. He was 72 years old and, at least as an adult, he pretty much did what he wanted to do with his life. He had a good run, he was a good father, and I'll miss him forever. 

And the world keeps turning, and now it's officially spring in the Northern Hemisphere. Hoorah! Last week I was in southern New Mexico, where it was warm, like 75 degrees. At my house, it's warm today but there's recent snow on the ground and upcoming cold temperatures are threatening our trees and bushes, which budded out too early this year. 

March is always a transitional month here, so what I've been doing since last year is making a soft change from one season to the next. I'll keep my winter clothes in my closet as I start to add in my spring clothes. Once it's warm for real, I'll pack away all the winter things that I want to keep. 

Today it's about 70 degrees here, but in a couple days, the high is only predicted to be in the 30s. You can see why I want winter and spring clothes during the same week. 

Since I still haven't settled on a spring capsule, I've just been wearing whatever I want and what I have out. I'm using my same winter clothes and adding some things from last year's spring, summer, and fall capsules. It's nice to wear whatever I want, but I also really like having fewer options. It makes it so much easier to get dressed when there are fewer choices to make. I'll be happy to decide on a spring capsule!

Here's a recent outfit:

Spring outfit

Red-orange top from Boden, distressed boyfriend jeans from Old Navy, and light tan oxfords by Pikolinos. It's simple, comfy, but a little bit elevated from a sloppy t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. 

I've also been binge-watching a show I just found out about: Naked and Afraid. It's on the Discovery channel, and here's what happens. Each episode, two strangers are dropped off in some inhospitable wild place to try to stay alive for 3 weeks. These are outdoorsy types, survivalists, hippies, ex-military, hunters, and plant experts. It's always one woman and one man, and they are supposed to work together to survive, make fire, purify water, find food, make shelter, and sometimes they make clothes. They often last the whole 21 days, but sometimes they go home if they drank unfiltered water or can't find any food.

I think it would be fascinating to me anyway, but my it's also linked in my mind to my dad now. He was outdoorsy and loved birdwatching, hiking, and animal tracking. My mom, sister and I watched several episodes of Naked and Afraid while he was in the hospital and in hospice care.

We also watched a couple of hiking movies (A Walk in the Woods and Wild). I had read the book, A Walk in the Woods and passed it along to my dad. It's just his kind of humor. (I also read Wild and recommend that, too.)

**  ** ** **

Now these movies and this show are forever linked with my dad, because of the subject matter and the timing of my watching them. I'm sure I'll watch those movies again and again, and keep catching up on all the past seasons of the show. For now, I feel comforted somehow by watching these shows. Sure, the people are suffering, but they are all there by choice and can decide to give up and go home. N&A is great for the audience to yell out what the contestants should do! Always make fire ASAP! Don't bring fishing line; bring a fire starter!!

By the way, I would never sign up for N&A - the people are almost always starving and I get a migraine if my blood sugar drops too low. I love having plenty of water, food, and clothes(!) and I love to be a comfortable temperature. Camping for a weekend with a tent, sleeping bag, water, and food is rough enough for me. How about you? What if you could be Reasonably Clothed and Afraid? 

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