Monday, April 25, 2016

15 X 15 Experiment

Hi guys! I thought I'd try a fun capsule experiment. I've chosen 15 items of clothing and I'll mix them together to make 15 different outfits. I also added a bonus white tank top to wear under some things. 

Here are the clothes I chose:

Polka dot top

Button-down linen shirt (super wrinkled, but I won't even apologize because wearing linen means never having to say you're sorry about it being wrinkled)

Black and grey striped tee

Cropped black sweatshirt

Yellow cardigan, blowing in the wind

Apricot v-neck tee

Green skirt

Cropped linen pants

Blue linen pants

Cropped flared jeans

Black jeans

White jeans

Tan oxfords, maroon clogs, and black ankle boots

This kind of experiment can remind us of how few clothes we really need. You can make a lot of outfits from 15 pieces of clothing! It can also prove that no one is noticing what you wear. If you wear the same things often, most people will never pay attention. I know there are people out there who notice things like that and comment on it - if you know you have a coworker or whatever who might say something, decide ahead of time how to deal with it. You can say things like, "I love to wear my favorite clothes all the time," or "why don't you worry about your own clothes, weirdo?" or whatever is appropriate to your situation! 

How do you do this kind of experiment? One way is to actually wear these outfits and see what happens. Do you feel bored? Do you feel like you're missing out? Are you embarrassed that someone might think you don't have very many clothes? 

Or do you feel like it is extremely easy to get dressed in the morning? Are you comfortable all the time, because everything fits properly? Do you feel happy because you're always wearing your favorite, best clothes?

The second way to use this 15 X 15 idea is to do a planning experiment. Choose your clothes and then put together all your outfits. Write down what they are, or take photos of the clothes laid out on your bed, or take a selfie of each outfit. Now you have a bunch of ideas of possible outfits ready to go. You also still get the benefit of knowing how much you can do with an extra-tiny capsule wardrobe. 

This could be a great way to plan what to pack before traveling. If you don't need 15 outfits, just cut down the number of pieces you're working with. 

A teeny-tiny wardrobe can also make you mix together clothes that you wouldn't have thought of putting together, giving you more options. It can make you be more creative with your outfits, and that might spread to the rest of your life!

Tomorrow I'll share my first outfit. I'd love it if you want to join me in this 15 X 15 experiment!