Wednesday, April 27, 2016

15X15 #2 Black Cropped Sweatshirt, Cropped Jeans, and Black Booties

Hi guys! Here's my second outfit in my 15X15 experiment, in which I make 15 different outfits from 15 pieces of clothing (plus one white tank top!). 

I love the crazy shapes and angles of this outfit! What a fun time it is for awkward-length cropped jeans (look how freakishly skinny my ankles look in this outfit!). I've got a cropped sweatshirt, cropped jeans, and cropped boots on, and it feels very modern to me. I'm sure in the future I will look back on this outfit and think I looked crazy, but for now, I love it. 

Black sweatshirt - I made it using scuba fabric and the Linden pattern from Grainline
White cotton tank top from Everlane. I think these are just about perfect. They're lightweight, but they drift away from the body, rather than clinging. 
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What do you think about all these cropped styles this spring?

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