Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Blue Sweatshirt, Linen Pants and Pons Sandals

Hi guys, 

Today I have a super comfortable outfit to share. It's my homemade blue sweatshirt, linen pants, and silver Avarca Pons sandals. 

Don't my bookshelves look nice? I went through them all again and found a bunch of books to donate and to pass on to my mom and sister. I think I could get rid of a lot more if I tackle it again on a very unsentimental day. Asking the question, "Will I really want to read this any time soon?" or "Will I really want to read this again?" helps a lot. I have shelves of books that I want to read but haven't read yet, and more books are constantly being published. So I just won't have time to read that many books a second or third time. It's better to let go of the ones that don't sound good to me anymore. I can also let go of that nagging thought that I really should read something, when I really want to read something else. 

Do you have a spot in your house, or a category of things that's difficult to declutter? 

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