Monday, April 4, 2016

Linen Shirt, White Jeans and Vans High-Tops

Hi guys, here's an official spring outfit. It combines light and dark colors, and soft and strong fabrics. The shirt and pants are light and then I grounded the outfit with black and white high-tops. The pants are a somewhat-sturdy denim. They're not nearly-sheer like some white jeans (but I'd still recommend nude colored underwear). They also wrinkle more than I'd expect from denim. I think it's a bit tricky to find great white jeans, and I'd love to read your recommendations if you've found the perfect ones!

The shirt is super soft linen and I love the length. The weight of it is perfect for spring and summer; nice and light, but not too sheer. Of course it wrinkles easily, but that's part of the freedom of linen - just let it be wrinkly!

This outfit could be much less casual with fancy sandals or flats. I'll probably try that another time.  

With this lighter outfit, I felt like wearing a light perfume and chose Benefit's Maybe Baby. Do you have a signature scent or do you wear different perfumes depending on your mood? I definitely like to mix it up. I like lighter scents and florals in the spring and summer and heavier scents for fall and winter. 

Currently listening to: audio versions of the Harry Potter books. Every chance I get, I listen to a bit more. Now I want to watch all the movies again. I think my kids could maybe watch the first two or three with me. The later ones are too dark!