Tuesday, May 10, 2016

15X15 #15 Polka Dot Tee, Black Jeans, and Black Booties

Hey! It's the last outfit from my 15X15 experiment. I made 15 outfits from 15 items of clothing, and I didn't have to make any crazy combos that I wouldn't really wear. 

This one's super simple: polka dot top, black jeans, and black booties. This shirt is from Boden and I'm sad to see how crooked the hem line is after washing it. Maybe I will see if I can exchange it, since it looks kinda crazy. Otherwise, I really like the weight, drape, shape, and pattern of it. 

Tomorrow I'll do a little wrap-up about what I learned while trying this experiment. Tonight I have to go to bed early since I had some sort of bad reaction after getting fillings at the dentist. Wah. See you tomorrow!

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