Tuesday, May 3, 2016

15X15 #8 Apricot V-Neck, Linen Crops, and Tan Oxfords

Hi guys! I'm sharing Outfit #8 from my 15X15 experiment. Are you liking all the cropped pants this spring? I think it's fun, and sometimes funny, and I know I will look back and think everyone looked crazy wearing them. They make such different, interesting silhouettes. I especially keep noticing how stick-thin my ankles look when they're exposed but my calves are hidden. Usually, they just look normal/ unremarkable. 

Playing with clothes can be really fun, from mixing and matching weird outfits to trying different shapes and colors, to trying to make a bunch of outfits from only a few pieces of clothing. And then when I'm tired of that, I can create a uniform and wear a version of the same outfit every day. 

V-neck top, cropped linen pants, and tan oxfords.