Monday, May 9, 2016

15X15 Experiment, Outfits #10-14

Hi guys! Sorry I missed a few days of blogging, but the good news is that I get to share five more outfits today. My 15X15 experiment is almost done. Here are outfits 10 - 14. 

Linen button-up, green skirt, and black booties. This outfit makes me sort of want a pair of camel-colored ankle boots. Not enough to buy some, but wouldn't they be perfect here?With these lighter colors, I think the black looks kind of jarring.

Polka dot top, cropped jeans, and clogs. I think this outfit is really cute. The shoes have to be swapped if we're running up and down the sidewalk all afternoon (Violet doesn't need training wheels anymore! Bodhi is so fast on his balance bike! I'm not that great at running in wooden shoes!).

Apricot v-neck, white jeans, and tan oxfords. This one's pale, pale, pale. I cuffed the ankle jeans to change it up a bit. This outfit feels so springy and soft to me; I love it. 

Black cropped sweatshirt, polka dot top, linen cropped pants, and black booties. Here I like the black boots better than I would like light-colored ones. It's balanced by the black sweatshirt. I like the bit of polka dots sticking out at the collar and hem. 

Linen button-up, linen pants, and clogs. So comfy! So breezy! So wrinkled! I think the button-up shirt keeps this outfit from looking like pajamas (and maybe the structured shoes too - imagine if I had slipper shoes on! 

I hope you had a good Mother's Day and/or called your mom. Tomorrow I'll share my last 15X15 outfit! 

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