Wednesday, May 11, 2016

15X15 Wrap-Up

Hey guys! Let's take a look at my 15X15 experiment and see what I learned.

Here are the clothes I chose to use. There are 15 pieces of clothing and I made 15 different outfits.
Here are the 15 outfits I made:

I was able to easily make my 15 outfits, and in fact, I could have easily made many more! A 15-piece wardrobe could last me quite a while without me getting bored. 

* Note: I don't need that many clothes to have a good variety of outfits. 

But! Wearing the same clothes so often means doing laundry almost every day. I usually wear jeans two or three times before washing (though sometimes my 3-year old wipes stuff on my clothes, in which case I wash them after that use). I also wear sweaters and sweatshirts multiple times since I usually have a tank top or t-shirt underneath. Shirts and tanks, I generally wash after each wearing. 

* Note: to avoid needing to do laundry every day, have access to multiple shirts and undershirts. That might mean having an exception to your stated number of items used, which I've been doing for a little while with my seasonal capsule. 

I think this 15-piece wardrobe had a good mix of soft and tough, light and dark, long and short, and loose and tight. I love that! I could mix and match so many different silhouettes and create outfits to reflect my mood or attitude. 

* Note: choose at least a couple different styles of clothes so I can vary my style. I don't want to be stuck with all drapey pastels when I need to feel tough and confident. 

I had my doubts about including 6 tops and 6 bottoms. It seems like I should have chosen more tops and fewer bottoms. But this actually worked out great this time. The bottoms are all different (maybe the linen crops and the cropped jeans are similar enough in color and shape to eliminate one). That made it easier to feel like each outfit was really different.

* Note: don't underestimate having a variety of bottoms. They can be more than the plain supporting cast for your shirt.

Would you try making a super-small wardrobe? It's kind of fun! I'd love to see yours, if you make one. 

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