Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Me-Made Capsule Planning

Hi guys! This month I've been wearing my homemade clothes every day, taking part in the challenge called Me Made May. It's been really fun. I'm going to keep trying to wear things that I've made, as much as I can. I have plans to make a few more things, and I'm currently working on it. 

Here's my capsule plan for this spring and summer:

* The core of my wardrobe will be my handmade clothes. I'll keep those clothes in the front of my closet, so they're the easiest to get to. 

* I will supplement with store-bought clothes. I don't have enough homemade clothes to make the kind of wardrobe I want to wear. I don't have the skills to make everything I want to wear. I have store-bought clothes already that I love and want to use. I don't think I'd ever want to make ALL my clothes.

* I'll keep adding to my me-made wardrobe as I can. I'm psyched to sew more clothes right now, and I've got patterns and fabric chosen to make a few more things. I'll just add them in as they are finished. 

* I don't think I'll have a certain number of items this time; I'll just have my core wardrobe in place to use as my default (things I love and that fit well and that I'm excited to wear). Then I'll use the rest of my clothes as needed or desired. And I can wear all the shoes! 

Unlimited shoes! 


(I bet I'll end up wearing just a few pairs most of the time.)

So here are stock photos of some patterns that I've already sewn:

Sewing Patterns S/S16
Left to right:
Lark tee (for stretchy knit fabrics)
Scout tee (for woven fabrics)
Linden sweatshirt
Moss skirt

These are all from Grainline Studio. I'm loving Grainline patterns because they're great wardrobe basics, which I like to wear a lot of the time. The three tops are pretty easy to sew, and they don't take long. That's awesome for anyone with limited time. You can complete a garment in a few hours. 

The skirt is a bit more challenging (you have to make a fly front, which is a little tricky), but still possible for many sewers to accomplish. 

Here are some fabrics that I've either used or plan to use for tops:

Fabrics S/S16

My color palette is kind of boring, maybe, but I know I will really wear these tops! When I've made clothes with crazy fabrics before, it's been really fun to choose the fabric and sew the clothes, but I haven't ended up wearing them much. So black, white, grey, and blue are good choices for my core capsule wardrobe. I can add in other colors, of course. But my prediction is that I'll wear these the most. 

I'll be back with more tomorrow! I'm pretty excited to continue Me Made May into a Me May Summer.