Monday, May 16, 2016

Me Made May

Hi guys! This month I showed you the results of my 15X15 experiment. I put together 15 outfits from 15 pieces of clothing. Meanwhile, I decided at the last minute on April 30th to take part in Me Made May this year. This is a challenge for people who make clothes by sewing, knitting, crochet, (or anything else?) to wear our handmade clothes every day for the month of May. Many people post photos of their outfits on Instagram and use the hashtags #memademay #memademay16 #mmmay16 and a few others. If you're interested, check it out and join in any time. 

Over the course of these first two weeks of wearing my homemade clothes, I started to wonder if I could make those clothes the basis of my capsule wardrobe. I used to make mostly dresses and skirts out of crazy, fun fabrics, and I didn't end up wearing them much. But recently I've been sewing basics, which seemed like it would be boring, but it has been great! Sweatshirts, t-shirts, and less-crazy skirts and dresses are things that I want to wear all the time. It's way more fun to use my finished stuff all the time instead of just hanging it in my closet! 

So I'm thinking about my super-small summer wardrobe, and about it being a Handmade Super-Small Summer Wardrobe. I'd be able to add other things in, but the core of it would be at least partly handmade. I'll have to look at how many things I have that are appropriate for summer, and how many more I can sew in time. I think this is going to be really fun. 

Here are the clothes I've been wearing so far this month:

Linen pants.

Flannel sweatshirt extended into a dress.

Flannel button-up shirt.

Cropped sweatshirt.

Jersey t-shirt.

Cotton skirt.

Sweatshirt extended into a tunic.

Jersey t-shirt.

Double gauze t-shirt.

Blue sweatshirt.

Cropped sweatshirt.

Flannel shirt again.

Long jersey shirt.

Do you make any of your own clothes? Do you wear them a lot?


  1. You made all those?! That's so impressive!! I hope to one day sew again. I stopped after my second was born, but I have a dream of starting again this summer!

    1. It's so fun, if you can make time for it. It feels great to make something that lasts, unlike washing dishes, doing laundry, etc...