Sunday, May 15, 2016

Super-Small Summer Wardrobe?

Hi guys! My 15X15 experiment showed me how much versatility there can be in a super-small wardrobe. Now I'm thinking about making a super-small summer wardrobe. Here's how it might work: I'd pick maybe 20 pieces of clothing to be the core of my wardrobe. Then I could add in some extras as needed. I might not limit my shoes. If I needed something fancier than usual, I'd just wear it! 

I'd always have my go-to 20 in the very front of my closet. They'd be my favorites for this summer, the ones that are what I really want to wear right now, that fit well and feel good and make me happy. Then I'd have my extras waiting in the wings to add variety and fill in gaps and step up when I haven't done laundry often enough. 

I think this sounds somewhat like my pre-capsule way of dressing. Like most people, I really only wore a small portion of my clothes most of the time. The majority of my clothes were worn once in a while or never. What's better about doing this consciously is that my core capsule would be carefully chosen to work mainly with its own components, making it super easy to make great outfits really quickly. I wouldn't have to consider all my clothes each morning - only if I wanted to! My default, easy decision would be choosing pieces from my capsule. 

Okay, so I'm not committing to it yet, but I am thinking about it. Would you consider trying a super-small wardrobe for a season?

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