Saturday, June 25, 2016

Days 21 - 25 Summer '16

How's your summer going? Ours is flying past. I can't believe it's already almost July! Tonight is our neighborhood's fireworks show, so I'm trying to get the kids to take a nap so they can stay up late. Also, I can have sewing time while they snooze. 

I've got four pieces of clothing in-progress. Why's it so much more fun to start something new than to finish up the hemming and get to wear a finished piece? I'm working on two shirts, a dress, and a pair of shorts. I think I can finish them all this weekend, especially if the kids take a nap. And if I quit drinking iced coffee on the couch and get to work.

Here are some recent outfits:

Rayon Willow tank (pattern from Grainline Studio)
Flared jeans from J. Crew Factory
Silver sandals from Avarca Pons

Double gauze Scout tee (pattern from Grainline Studio)
White jeans from J. Crew Factory
Sandals from Clarks


Shirt from Boden
Chambray skirt sewn by me
Olssen clogs

Cloudy Scout tee (pattern from Grainline Studio)
Chambray skirt, sewn by me
Oxfords from Pikolinos

Rayon Scout tee (pattern from Grainline Studio)
Jean shorts from Old Navy
Converse Chuck Taylors

Monday, June 20, 2016

Days 15 - 20 Summer '16

Hiya! I'm still wearing my self-made clothes and I'm liking it a lot. I wish I had more time to sew; there are lots of things I'd love to sew for this summer. I've started on a pair of shorts and I hope to whip up a couple tank tops soon. In the meantime, I'm just wearing what I've already made, mixed with ready-to-wear clothes from my closet. 

Rayon challis Scout tee, made by me
White jeans from J. Crew Factory
Camper sneakers

Striped Lark tee, made by me
Green skirt from J. Crew Factory
Maroon Ahnu shoes

Floral Lark tee, made by me
Flares from J. Crew Factory
Clogs from Olssen

 Pink Linden sweatshirt (only worn during the early and late part of the day, when it was chilly), made by me
Grey linen pants, made by me
Camper sneakers

Rayon challis tank top, made by me
Black skirt from Old Navy
Clarks sandals

Striped linen shirt from Boden
Linen pants, made by me
Naot sandals

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Days 8 - 14 Summer '16

Hi guys! I have a week's worth of outfits to share. I'm still finding it really enjoyable and easy to wear things I made myself. Each day, I just choose one piece that I sewed and then I usually mix it with something storebought. 

I made a new tank top! This is the Willow pattern from Grainline Studio. It's a rayon challis from Cotton & Steel. I love the shape of this tank, that it's not low cut and that it flares out a little bit. It feels really easy and comfortable.
Black linen-blend shorts from Old Navy

Double gauze Scout tee
Jean shorts from Old Navy, bought a year or two ago
White Converse Chuck Taylors

Jersey Lark tee
Denim skirt from Boden
Camper sandals

Another newly sewn item: a Willow dress (using the same pattern as the first outfit's tank top). This is gingham double gauze, and that shifty fabric with a straight-line pattern gave me such trouble! Next time, I'll either use a sturdier fabric or one that doesn't have an obvious pattern to keep straight.
Maroon clogs from Olsson (similar)

Shirt from Boden
Ladybug skirt, made by me
Naot sandals

Rayon challis Scout tee
Skirt from J. Crew Factory
Ahnu shoes

Boden t-shirt
Me-made linen pants
Older sandals

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Days 4-7 Summer '16

Hi guys! I'm naming these posts as though it's already summertime, since it's warm here and my daughter is out of school. I know it's still officially spring for a couple more weeks, but we're heading to the pool tomorrow, and it feels like summer. 

Here the outfits I've worn the past few days. Hopefully this won't get too boring for you, since I don't have that many handmade pieces. Mixing them with the rest of my clothes might help keep it interesting. It is working for me, so far!

S/S outfits 4-7

Left to right:

Jersey Lark t-shirt and chambray skirt, both handmade. Clogs from Olsson, many years old.

Jersey Lark t-shirt, handmade.

Linen pants, handmade.
Converse Jack Purcells.

Corduroy Moss skirt, handmade.
Sam Edelman leather slip-ons.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Days 1-3 Summer '16

Hi guys, 

Since May 1st, I've been wearing a handmade garment almost every day. So far in June, I've worn three handmade shirts and one pair of pants. I haven't sewn anything new yet, but I hope to spend time sewing this weekend.

Here are my three outfits so far this month:

Rayon challis shirt, Scout Tee pattern
Linen blend pants from the book Simple Modern Sewing by Shufu To Seikatsu Sha.
Sandals are from Naot. 

I wore this out to dinner with the family, celebrating my wedding anniversary with Jason. We've been together since 1999 but we've only been married for six years. 

Scout tee made with double gauze, which is a very lightweight, breezy fabric. This top was perfect for going on a walk with friends, to the playground and to feed ducks at the pond. I stayed cool and didn't feel like a slob in some ratty old t-shirt.
Jeans that I cut off when I realized that I didn't have any long shorts, and I wanted some.
Orange Chuck Taylors. 

My third Scout tee, in a cloud print cotton. This one does wrinkle fairly easily, especially if I have to carry my son around. The heat of his body seems to iron in the wrinkles. I love the print, so I wear it anyway, wrinkles be damned.
Jean skirt from Boden (maybe from a year ago?). Looks like they still have it.
My funny Camper sneakers. I've had these for around 10 years and I still love them.

Wish me luck with doing some productive sewing this weekend. I hope you have a good one!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Handmade Summer Wardrobe

Hello, hello! I was excited to get started with my summer wardrobe today. Okay, so it's exactly the same as what I did during the month of May: wear a piece of clothing that I made as part of my outfit (almost) every day. I think it will be fun to continue throughout the summer. I have plans to make a few more pieces and I'll share those as I finish them. 

Here are the summery tops I have now:

Summer Handmade Tops

And the bottoms:

Summer Handmade Bottoms

I'm including seven tops:
3 woven t-shirts
2 stretchy short-sleeved t-shirts
1 stretchy 3/4-sleeved t-shirt
1 cropped sweatshirt

I only have five summery bottoms, but I'm going to work on adding shorts. For now, I have:
2 stretchy skirts
2 woven skirts
1 pair of linen pants

As far as color goes, I have black, black and white, grey, navy, light blue, and floral shirts. Only the sweatshirt is a solid, but I think the stripes are plain enough to feel very basic. If I feel pattern overload, I may decide that I desperately need to sew some solid colored shirts, or I might wear solid store-bought shirts with my handmade bottoms. 

For the bottoms, I'm sure I will be wearing store-bought jeans and shorts. There are popular jeans sewing patterns available, but I don't feel like sewing my own jeans right now. I think there are a ton of steps involved and I'd want the jeans to look perfect, so I'd probably have to spend a long time on them! At this point, it sounds like more fun to make other, quicker, easier things, so I will wear the professionally sewn jeans and shorts that I already have. 

I've got two patterned jersey skirts, which are super comfortable and easy to wear. My chambray skirt is also comfy and it goes with everything. The linen-blend pants feel like lounge pants, but look a bit nicer than pjs. The corduroy skirt sort of seems like it would fit better in a different season. The gold-orange color is autumnal, and corduroy screams autumn! But, colors from the 1970s are everywhere right now, and the fabric is actually lightweight, so I'm going to give it a try for the summer, or at least for the next couple weeks, before it gets too hot.  

For this capsule, my rules are only these:

1. Wear something from my handmade core wardrobe almost every day. If there's a reason that I need to wear something else that I already have, I'll wear something else. 

2. Don't buy any new clothes. I already bought some stuff this year, more than I would have liked. When my dad died in March, I bought clothes to try to dull my sadness or to distract myself from it. Now I have too many and I'll end up donating things after hardly wearing them. I'd prefer not to do that, (it's wasteful in so many ways) but I can't undo my past actions now. Anyway, I don't think there's anything I will need or desperately want for the summer (other than things I'm planning to sew). 

I'm not going to restrict the clothes that I wear with my handmade clothes. I've been using a capsule wardrobe for a while now and I think I'm tired of counting! I'll see how the summer goes and then decide what to do for the fall. I think I will like the ease of having a go-to capsule that I know is perfect for me right now, plus the fun and variety of wearing whatever else I want, when I feel like making more decisions.

What do you think about my 12-piece wardrobe core? Would you try it? Do you sew your own clothes? Do you wear them a lot?