Monday, June 20, 2016

Days 15 - 20 Summer '16

Hiya! I'm still wearing my self-made clothes and I'm liking it a lot. I wish I had more time to sew; there are lots of things I'd love to sew for this summer. I've started on a pair of shorts and I hope to whip up a couple tank tops soon. In the meantime, I'm just wearing what I've already made, mixed with ready-to-wear clothes from my closet. 

Rayon challis Scout tee, made by me
White jeans from J. Crew Factory
Camper sneakers

Striped Lark tee, made by me
Green skirt from J. Crew Factory
Maroon Ahnu shoes

Floral Lark tee, made by me
Flares from J. Crew Factory
Clogs from Olssen

 Pink Linden sweatshirt (only worn during the early and late part of the day, when it was chilly), made by me
Grey linen pants, made by me
Camper sneakers

Rayon challis tank top, made by me
Black skirt from Old Navy
Clarks sandals

Striped linen shirt from Boden
Linen pants, made by me
Naot sandals

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