Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Days 8 - 14 Summer '16

Hi guys! I have a week's worth of outfits to share. I'm still finding it really enjoyable and easy to wear things I made myself. Each day, I just choose one piece that I sewed and then I usually mix it with something storebought. 

I made a new tank top! This is the Willow pattern from Grainline Studio. It's a rayon challis from Cotton & Steel. I love the shape of this tank, that it's not low cut and that it flares out a little bit. It feels really easy and comfortable.
Black linen-blend shorts from Old Navy

Double gauze Scout tee
Jean shorts from Old Navy, bought a year or two ago
White Converse Chuck Taylors

Jersey Lark tee
Denim skirt from Boden
Camper sandals

Another newly sewn item: a Willow dress (using the same pattern as the first outfit's tank top). This is gingham double gauze, and that shifty fabric with a straight-line pattern gave me such trouble! Next time, I'll either use a sturdier fabric or one that doesn't have an obvious pattern to keep straight.
Maroon clogs from Olsson (similar)

Shirt from Boden
Ladybug skirt, made by me
Naot sandals

Rayon challis Scout tee
Skirt from J. Crew Factory
Ahnu shoes

Boden t-shirt
Me-made linen pants
Older sandals

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