Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Handmade Summer Wardrobe

Hello, hello! I was excited to get started with my summer wardrobe today. Okay, so it's exactly the same as what I did during the month of May: wear a piece of clothing that I made as part of my outfit (almost) every day. I think it will be fun to continue throughout the summer. I have plans to make a few more pieces and I'll share those as I finish them. 

Here are the summery tops I have now:

Summer Handmade Tops

And the bottoms:

Summer Handmade Bottoms

I'm including seven tops:
3 woven t-shirts
2 stretchy short-sleeved t-shirts
1 stretchy 3/4-sleeved t-shirt
1 cropped sweatshirt

I only have five summery bottoms, but I'm going to work on adding shorts. For now, I have:
2 stretchy skirts
2 woven skirts
1 pair of linen pants

As far as color goes, I have black, black and white, grey, navy, light blue, and floral shirts. Only the sweatshirt is a solid, but I think the stripes are plain enough to feel very basic. If I feel pattern overload, I may decide that I desperately need to sew some solid colored shirts, or I might wear solid store-bought shirts with my handmade bottoms. 

For the bottoms, I'm sure I will be wearing store-bought jeans and shorts. There are popular jeans sewing patterns available, but I don't feel like sewing my own jeans right now. I think there are a ton of steps involved and I'd want the jeans to look perfect, so I'd probably have to spend a long time on them! At this point, it sounds like more fun to make other, quicker, easier things, so I will wear the professionally sewn jeans and shorts that I already have. 

I've got two patterned jersey skirts, which are super comfortable and easy to wear. My chambray skirt is also comfy and it goes with everything. The linen-blend pants feel like lounge pants, but look a bit nicer than pjs. The corduroy skirt sort of seems like it would fit better in a different season. The gold-orange color is autumnal, and corduroy screams autumn! But, colors from the 1970s are everywhere right now, and the fabric is actually lightweight, so I'm going to give it a try for the summer, or at least for the next couple weeks, before it gets too hot.  

For this capsule, my rules are only these:

1. Wear something from my handmade core wardrobe almost every day. If there's a reason that I need to wear something else that I already have, I'll wear something else. 

2. Don't buy any new clothes. I already bought some stuff this year, more than I would have liked. When my dad died in March, I bought clothes to try to dull my sadness or to distract myself from it. Now I have too many and I'll end up donating things after hardly wearing them. I'd prefer not to do that, (it's wasteful in so many ways) but I can't undo my past actions now. Anyway, I don't think there's anything I will need or desperately want for the summer (other than things I'm planning to sew). 

I'm not going to restrict the clothes that I wear with my handmade clothes. I've been using a capsule wardrobe for a while now and I think I'm tired of counting! I'll see how the summer goes and then decide what to do for the fall. I think I will like the ease of having a go-to capsule that I know is perfect for me right now, plus the fun and variety of wearing whatever else I want, when I feel like making more decisions.

What do you think about my 12-piece wardrobe core? Would you try it? Do you sew your own clothes? Do you wear them a lot?