Saturday, July 2, 2016

Days 26 - 32 Summer '16 and How to Make Life Easier

Hi guys! Summer keeps cruising along. It feels so short, now that my daughter's going to start kindergarten in the fall. She will be at school five days a week, so we won't have as much free time to do whatever we want. All the previous summers since she was born seemed almost endless. 

I'm glad it's almost the 4th of July, since I'm ready to get it over with. That was my dad's birthday. He died in March and I have been really missing him. Father's Day was rough and now his birthday will be, too. Once it's over, maybe the loss won't feel so sharp and I can think more about other things. 

As always, when life is extra complicated or busy, it's a relief to have some areas of life that are easy. Capsule wardrobes, simple menu plans, and routines can make life feel so much easier. You don't have to make as many decisions since you already made them in the planning stage; then you get to rely on that same decision over and over again and save your brain power for something else.

* A capsule wardrobe is just a smaller set of clothing that you love and want to wear all the time. The clothes are seasonally appropriate, they all fit well, and they have a lot of mix-and-match potential. Keep these in the front of your closet so you can reach for them often, rather than sorting through all your clothes every day, or trying on a lot of outfits to find one that fits and looks good. 

* Planning meals a week or a month at a time will save you from having to decide what to make every day. You can also plan your shopping lists ahead of time, so you can just shop once a week and avoid last minute trips to the store. You can make it even easier by eating pretty much the same thing every week! For example:
Monday: roast beef, cooked in a slow cooker. 
Tuesday: use leftovers for french dip sandwiches. 
Wednesday: tacos. 
Thursday: soup and salad.
Friday: pizza, of course.
Saturday: eat at a restaurant.
Sunday: spaghetti.

Then change it up if you feel motivated to, but you can always fall back on your plan if you don't want to make new decisions. By the way, I'm not doing this right now, and I really want to! I needed to find the initial energy to get started, but now I'm halfway there. I already typed out that menu, so I just need to make a shopping list and follow through.

Routines can make it automatic to take care of household chores, so you only have to decide once when you'll do everything. List your chores and then you can divide them up for the week, in a way that makes sense for you.
Monday: vacuum and dust first floor.
Tuesday: vacuum and dust upstairs.
Wednesday: no chores.
Thursday: empty all trash and take it out to the curb.
Friday: change sheets. 
Saturday: start laundry, clean bathrooms.
Sunday: shopping and food prep, water plants, finish laundry.
And every day straighten up a bit and keep the kitchen clean.
Then hopefully you'll never get stuck starting one task and then getting distracted by another one (this can happen to me so easily!). Just do what's on the schedule for that day.

And finally, here are my recent outfits:

Newly-sewn Penny Raglan tee from Grainline Studio
Linen skirt from Old Navy (similar)
Silver Avarca Pons sandals

Photo bomb!
Orange-red Boden t-shirt (here in stripes)
Me-made linen pants
Blue Pikolinos slip-on oxfords (here in white)

This day, I didn't wear anything handmade. Sometimes it's nice to wear something different, so I chose this chambray tent dress from American Apparel.
Naot sandals (similar)

Striped jersey t-shirt; Lark pattern from Grainline Studio
Naot sandals (similar)

Cloudy tee; Scout pattern from Grainline Studio
Cut-off jeans (similar)

Striped rayon challis tank; Willow pattern from Grainline Studio
Me-made linen pants

Feline photo bomb!
Penny Raglan; pattern from Grainline Studio
Flared jeans from J. Crew Factory (similar)

Have a good weekend and I'll be back soon.