Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Outfits 46 - 50 Summer '16

Hi guys! What are you up to this week? I'm planning what to do for the next few days. Jason is taking the kids to visit his parents and I get to be alone for a long weekend! Introvert dream come true :)

I plan to organize, declutter, finish projects, sleep as much as I want, paint a wall, sew some clothes and pajamas, read, and maybe just like 50 other things. I know I won't accomplish everything I'd like, so I have to prioritize. Oh, how I love these short vacations from momming. They're so rare, and so delightful. 

Here are my recent outfits, using my core wardrobe of handmade clothes and adding in whatever else I want.

Double gauze Scout tee, pattern from Grainline Studio

Striped Penny Raglan, pattern from Grainline Studio. This is my newest homemade thing, and I think it's perfect.

Addison tank, pattern from Seamwork Magazine. I love how this tank flares a little away from my body.

Eyelet Scout tee, pattern from Grainline Studio. I fancied up this pattern this time with prettier fabric. I had to line it, which I haven't done many times, so it was a little challenge with a nice result.

Flares from J. Crew Factory. I finally cut the hems off of these, and I'm so glad I did. The hems were always flipping up, even if I ironed them (yes, I ironed my jeans! I couldn't believe it, either). Now these can fray with washing and be a whole new thing.

Some of those are affiliate links, so I may get a small profit if you buy through them. Thanks!