Sunday, July 24, 2016

Outfits 51 - 52 Summer '16

Hi guys! I got to have a long weekend to myself while Jason took the kids to visit his parents. Woo hoo! I love alone time, so it has been amazing. I accomplished some of the things on my list, though there are still dozens of tasks I didn't finish. It feels so great to be able to focus in on one thing without having anyone need me in the middle of it. I will try to figure out how to get more time to focus. Maybe I can set the kids up with an activity, and set a timer so they have to do the activity until the timer goes off, without asking me for anything. This could work... I will let you know after I try it!

I only have a couple outfits to share. I've been doing dirty work around the house, like painting a wall inside and trim around our new door outside, and working in the garden. So some days I've just worn old clothes and didn't document them.

Here are a couple of outfits, each with a handmade shirt. 

Saltbox tee in a cherry print, pattern from Blueprints for Sewing.

Green Penny Raglan, pattern from Grainline Studio
Grey jeans (similar)
Clarks sandals (similar)

I love the shape of this shirt. It drapes nicely but doesn't cling to the body. I used to love clingy shirts when I had a smaller waist, but right now I really like this slightly swingy shape. 

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