Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Fall Chit Chat

Hi guys! It's been a while. This late summer and early fall has been pretty busy for me, and I often felt like I wasn't on top of things. My kids started school and then they both got sick. Then I got a sinus infection that lasted two or three weeks and stole most of my energy. We spent a week in Hawaii! After that amazing vacation, it took a while to get back to a normal routine. Now we've got soccer and Spanish club and play dates after school. It's a fun time and it sometimes feels like a lot to do.  

So now I feel a strong desire to take control of some parts of life, like menu planning, getting up early to exercise, and spending my time better after the kids go to bed. I've been spending my evenings mostly watching tv while messing around on my laptop, and I'd love to be sewing, knitting, tidying up, stretching, or doing ab exercises while I watch. OR watch less tv and read more books. Or a combination.

Today I started to solidify a fall wardrobe, and then I felt kind of defeated by the whole thing and decided maybe I wouldn't do it this season. I sewed a new top instead! And then I felt like I wanted to make it part of a fall capsule wardrobe, so I will probably be making one after all. I have some ideas and I think it will be fun. I will probably do something like a 20-piece wardrobe, where I choose some pieces that I want to wear a ton, but then I supplement with whatever else is in my closet. Plus I have some sewing plans, so I'll be adding in newly-sewn clothes, too (hopefully, if I finish them). 

I went through my closet not too long ago, and I liked almost everything. I thought I'd find a lot to donate, but I didn't. I think I've sorted through it enough times that what's left is what I like and what I want. It felt a little disappointing that I didn't have a big pile, but a second later I realized that it's awesome! I don't have a closet full of losers anymore. That's great. 

And I don't need to limit my wardrobe to 40 pieces anymore. I've already proven to myself that I don't need a huge amount of clothing. I don't buy many new things, and I'm getting better at choosing things that I will wear a lot. It's still fun to put together a capsule of things that mostly work together, or that convey a certain vibe for the season. But I love adding in whatever else I have! I don't want my clothes to just hang in the closet because I arbitrarily chose to only use 40 pieces of clothing. 

I think capsule wardrobing has a lot of uses and it can be part of a great process of having a more reasonable, useful, beloved wardrobe. Having rules and sticking to them is a good way to really try out living without excess or over-shopping. Self-discipline is a great thing. I'm not trying to diminish capsule wardrobes at all. I think I'm in a place to tweak the idea now.

I think I'll choose my 20-piece wardrobe this season and keep it in the front section of my closet. Those will be my favorite pieces, the ones I want to wear all the time, that are seasonally appropriate and fit really well. But the rest of my clothes won't have to be banished to a box; they'll just be farther back in the closet. I can easily see and reach for my capsule clothes and then add in other pieces when I have time to think about wearing something different. 

I like the progression from a strict capsule to a loose one. It's been really useful for me and I think some of the ideas will stick with me forever: I don't need to have every color represented in my closet. I don't need multiples of the same item. People usually don't notice what I wear and don't care if I wear the same things a lot. I only need clothes that suit my actual lifestyle.  

Have you tried a capsule wardrobe? Is it something you think you'll do forever, or is it more of a learning experience?

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