Thursday, September 29, 2016

Outfit: Flower-Dyed Raw Silk Shirt

 Hi guys, I have a new top to show you. I've been working on it throughout the summer. I started with raw silk fabric and then used a technique called Eco-dyeing. I rolled up flowers in the fabric, tied it tightly, and soaked it in an alum bath for several days. After washing the fabric, I sewed this top. I used a pattern from Simplicity, 1366, which is designed by Cynthia Rowley

I'm thrilled to get to wear this shirt, made from fabric that I dyed in such an unusual way! This is my idea of fun. 

These are higher rise skinny jeans from Old Navy, in the tall length. These are really long - I'm 5' 10" and these are extra long on me.  I double cuffed them this time, but I also like them bunched up at the ankle. 

 These shoes are old Clarks, maybe 10 years old! They're leather ballet flats with ankle straps. Here are some suede ones from Sam Edelman.

 Oh, yeah. I altered the pattern just a bit by making the back a little bit longer. If you're wondering about washing this silk shirt, I can wash it in the machine on cold and tumble dry low. I don't have the time or patience to hand wash much these days. It would just sit in the laundry room for a month, and I want to wear it as often as possible! You can actually wash any silk, if you buy fabric and pre-shrink it. Be very careful about washing store-bought silk garments, since they may shrink!

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