Friday, January 20, 2017

Mid-January: Keeping Warm

Hi guys! How is January going for you? I'm using my winter mini-capsule as my wardrobe base, adding other clothes from my closet when I have the desire and time to think more about getting dressed. If I want to throw on something quickly, I just grab a few pieces from the mini-capsule and I know they'll work fine. 

For this outfit, I added an indigo cardigan to pieces from my mini-capsule.
Striped tunic (similar)
Frye boots (here in black)

This outfit is all from my mini-capsule. It's super comfortable and great for running around in.
Tunic made by altering the Linden Sweatshirt pattern
Suede Vans

Here I added a white sweater from J. Crew Factory that I bought last year. Here's a curved hem sweater currently at Boden.
Flares (similar)

Here's another one with items drawn completely from my mini-capsule.
Striped t-shirt (similar)
Flares (similar)

For this outfit, I added a black tank top and a newly sewn sweater. The sweater is the Driftless cardigan, but I lengthened the pattern by 7" since I didn't yet have a super-long cardigan.
Frye boots (here in black)

Here is another newly sewn top, the Toaster sweater. I also added my old Clarks ankle boots from my closet and the flared jeans from my mini-capsule.
These boots are Clarks Spyes, like mine, but with cute buckles instead of the fringe that mine have. 

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I've made a reasonable sewing plan for this year, intending to make only things that I think I'll wear a lot. Of course I keep adding to the list, so who knows how many things I will make by the end of the year. I'm on a roll with sewing so far this month, so you may see a couple more new things in the near future. I'm talking about the things I make on, so please come visit if you are into that. 

Monday, January 9, 2017

Early January 2017 Outfits

Hi guys! Are you working on any resolutions this month? I'm trying to ease into better habits this year. One of them is eating better, so I'm trying to add vegetables whenever I can. In the past I would have tried to eat 100% healthfully starting on January 1st, but this year I knew I needed to try a gentler approach. Lately when I've tried to make all-or-nothing changes, I have failed or given up pretty quickly. We'll see how this approach works for me! 

I'm also trying to get back my old habit of exercising every day, but I'm just trying to work out most days right now. If I miss a day, no big deal. I don't get to take the rest of the week off and start again on Monday; I just try again the very next day.

Different approaches work better during different phases of my life, and that's okay. Are you going all gung-ho on anything this year? Or gradually making any changes?

Here are some outfits from the last week. So far I'm sticking with my mini-capsule for the most part. 

Grey Ribbed Wool-Cashmere sweater from Everlane - I love the side vents on this sweater
Madewell flares (similar)

White button-up shirt (similar)
Tan cardigan (similar in black)
Jeggings (similar)
Grey Frye boots (here in black)

Scatter-dyed tunic, pattern altered from Grainline Studio's Linden sweatshirt
Grey Frye boots (here in black)

Denim shirtdress (similar)
Grey Frye boots (here in black)

Long turtleneck sweater (similar in red)
Jeggings (similar)
Toms boots (similar)

Tan cardigan (similar in black)
Burgundy t-shirt (similar)
Madewell flares (similar)

I hope you started your week off well. My kindergartener was so excited to go back to school after winter break! Many of the parents seemed pretty happy at drop-off, too. 

Monday, January 2, 2017

Flannel, Metallics, and Knits: Winter 2016-2017

Happy New Year! I hope 2017 is going well for you. So far, so good around here. I've got four outfits to share today:

Flannel Shirt
Black Jeans
Ankle Boots
Hat - the first hat I knitted, made a couple years ago from this free pattern from Purl Soho.

My New Year's Eve outfit was a metallic linen dress I sewed, leggings, and shiny oxfords. Jason and I went to party while the kids stayed home with their beloved babysitter. We've been able to go out four times since finding this great helper - it's amazing!

Handknit sweater

Breton tunic (similar)

Did you guys make resolutions for the new year? Clothing-related, I'm going to see if I can go all year without buying anything! Right now, it seems totally possible. We'll see what happens when spring arrives -- I may change my tune.